Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today has been ok

It's Cup day which I had completely forgot about, so that was kind of vile because the trains were filled with deranged orange creatures with dead birds on their heads. The city was very peaceful though due to the lack of the aforementioned. 

I went to Borders to look at magazines and as I was flicking through Culture I saw some familiar looking PVC and realised that that it was an article about the Wella Trendvision Australia finals that Mike Adler a stylist had borrowed a pair of my holographic pvc leggings and pvc cat suit for. The pictures aren't very big and you can barely see the cat suit but y'know...cheap thrills..

Speaking of which, highlight number two was going to Savers and finding a really beautiful micro pleated black top and then looking at the label and discovering it was ISSEY MIYAKE(for $4.99!!!!)!! If the original owner would be so kind as to cut out the middle man and simply give me their wardrobe I'd be a very happy girl indeed.

...but I digress... 

The issue of Fashion Journal that I assisted styling the feature shoot came out last week and we finally got a stack in Kids in Berlin the other day. It was raining, a fitting end to my last shift, but it also resulted in the Fashion Journals being used as a makeshift umbrella so in the end all I was left with were the relevant pages scrunched up in my folio. The shoot was more fun than the photos let on.

 The interview I did for melbournestreetfashion.com went up last week. It's horribly embarrassing and I'm pretty badly misquoted and taken out of context and photos were used that I was assured wouldn't be. I suppose it is a lesson learnt, though. Next time I need to go against my nature and be more assertive about what I want/am comfortable with. I guess I just wanted to put that out there because I don't think I'm as big of an idiot as I may seem(...well, most of the time anyway)

Well, I best be off as I've got to get up bright and early tomorrow to start my new job. Here's hoping all goes well.

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Ashita said...

I really love your work! especially the crazy honey comb leggings

Initially, i was just going to link your interview and add pictures from your myspace but after reading your blog... i guess i will ask your permission first. Can i link you to my blog, do a little spiel on you.. up the ante with your pictures you know the whole deal.